Do you know an unemployed baby-boomer?

We’ve published our first book for older men and women!  There’s plenty of laughs to go around in this little book.  Middle-aged men will laugh at themselves!  Their wives will laugh because they’re married to a middle-aged man!

This book mixes humour and nostalgia to give its readers a lift from the frustrations and disappointments of age discrimination and the worries of unemployment.  They say laughter is good medicine!

A Middle-Aged Change of Mindset

‘A Day in the Life of a Middle-aged Man’ ends with a gentle reminder that, though we often believe that all we achieve is by our own hand, there is more to it than this. When tough times happen, (they always do, at some point), and we find ourselves in a place where we can change nothing through our own efforts, there is a God who is willing and able to meet our needs – we have only to ask.

“A Day in the Life…” is a tonic for our times which is receiving great reviews. It’s available in eBook and Paperback formats on Amazon (world-wide).

Click on the photo to get more details on our book!

Cover of book - A day in the life of a middle aged man


A Day in the Life of a Middle-Aged Man
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