Oh how I love Christmas music!  I’m one of those who breaks out their Christmas LP’s the moment I think I can get by with it without the neighbours thinking I’m extremely weird.  It’s the same with putting up my Christmas decorations!

The Christmas Song LP

Today, I’m enjoying my Nat King Cole ‘The Christmas Song’ LP while I decorate and wrap presents.  Was there ever a man with a more beautiful, smooth voice?  I don’t think so! He was also a brilliant pianist.

I’m told I started to sing Ramblin Rose when I was 2.  So really, I’ve always loved him.

In my opinion, a vintage Christmas music collection would have a huge hole in it if it didn’t contain this album!

The Christmas Song Album Cover
Nat King Cole The Christmas Song
Album Cover (back)
Nat King Cole the Christmas song LP
Spinning Columbia Records Blue Label on our vintage turntable.

Here’s a video of a song on the album. 🙂

 Nat King Cole’s The Christmas Song is available on Amazon (both vinyl and CD).

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The Christmas Song: Nat King Cole
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