When I was a little girl, I would visit my grandmother at Christmas. She sat out all kinds of wonderful Christmas candies in bowls around the house;  therefore, I had to sample them all…..multiple times! 

(You can still find most of these vintage Christmas candies online.  Click the pictures for information.)

chocolate covered cherries article ribbon candy photo
Old-fashioned Ribbon Candy
chocolate covered cherries post peppermint candy
Peppermint nougats


peppermint candy canes chocolate covered cherries post
Peppermint candy canes
Christmas Hard Candies
Bowls of Christmas hard candy mix
Homemade peanut brittle
Peanut brittle
Filled Raspberry hard candy
Filled Raspberry hard candy
An assortment of Fudge!
Spice Gum Drops!
Spice Gum Drops








My favourite of all the Christmas candy was/is chocolate covered cherries!


Back then, they came in a box, in little brown paper cups, tightly packed together. There was a brown sheet of thick paper separating the top and bottom layers.

Since there had been no rules given to me about candy consumption, I didn’t want to risk being told that there was a limit, so I devised a fool-proof method to ensure my fill of chocolate covered cherries over the Christmas holiday.

My Method

I began with one or two cherries from the top layer. Not wanting to be seen to be eating more than I should, I then consumed all the cherries on the lower layer, leaving the remaining cherries untouched on the top layer.

Sometime a week or two after I returned home, my Aunt (a teenager at the time) finished the cherries on the top layer and removed the brown paper to get to the bottom layer.  

Lifting the top layer, she discovered a bottom layer of little empty paper cups!  By this time, I was long gone!  🙂

This story has been told annually.

This Christmas

I received a package from my Aunt, full of presents.  In amongst the beautifully-wrapped presents was an unwrapped box of Queen Anne cordial cherries in dark chocolate, just BEGGING me to eat them! Husband being away, I figured this was a great opportunity to help myself!

Thinking I should begin with the bottom layer, as tradition dictates, I lifted out the top layer only to discover THIS!!!!

Note reads: GOTCHA! Ha! Ha! & Hee Ohhh Tehe!

I thought the box seemed lighter than usual! My Aunt had meticuliously opened it, (being careful not to tear the cardboard) and removed the bottom layer of candies from their plastic mould.  She then inserted a note, (complete with candy stickers) and sealed it back up!

Neither of us are kids anymore, and it’s been many years since that particular Christmas, but she did get me good! That’s okay though, because her birthday is in early January.  🙂

Share one of your fun memories of Christmas in the comment box below!

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Chocolate Covered Cherries: Christmas Memories

3 thoughts on “Chocolate Covered Cherries: Christmas Memories

  • at 4:14 pm

    Music is the heart of Christmas. I begin playing my massive Christmas music collection in early October, much to the chagrin of those poor souls who just don’t understand. But, play them I will, all day long. I do enjoy the mellow voice of Nat King Cole, (by the way, have you ever heard anyone refer to him as Nat Cole?). Anyway, the holidays would not be complete without Bing Crosby. No one sings White Christmas like him. Also, I love beautiful choral music, especially the pure voices of boy choirs. I have two CDs that I cherish from The Choir of Bethlehem. And who can resist Kenny G and Mannheim Steamroller? The greatest Christmas song of our generation is “Mary Did You Know.” This song was written on a piece of scrap paper late one night In the back of the Gaither’s tour bus by Mark Lowry, funniest man alive. Mark has always had great spiritual depth in addition to his comical genius. This song reflects all that Jesus would be, the Savior, but there was no way Mary could have known how her little baby boy was going to change the world for all time. It just doesn’t get any better than that. Thank you Lord for music!!!

    • at 7:01 pm

      She’s a real character! You seem a lot like her! lol


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